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Searching for products and finding the right deal / bargain can be a tedious task particularly when there are a number of retailers selling this product. The same product can be sold at varying prices by different retailers some of which may be on sale, discounted or the retailer offering deals like buy one get of free (BOGOF), Buy 2 get 1 half price and at times discounts off the basket price when using a voucher code. Making the most cost efficient buying choice often turns out to be a difficult shopping experience. This is where Vaboose steps in to make your shopping experience easier and simple - all in one place.

Vaboose provides users with tools and resources that make the process of searching for products to buy easy, simple, quick and reliable. We aggregate over 40 Million products in different categories from more than 100,000 retailers in over 40 countries to provide you with a robust and intuitive search functionality to help you find that product, gift or item you so desire. Below are the main shopping tools we provide:

  1. AutoComplete Search

    auto-completeEvery page on the Vaboose website has an auto-complete search box as shown in the image. This search box allows you to enter relevant keywords separated by spaces to find the product of your choice. It automatically searches our database of over 40 Million products for deals that match your keywords with in-built intelligence to find related products if no exact match is found. After the search, products and deals matching the keywords are returned in an itemised lists below the search box, usually the top 20 products that meet the search criteria. The list displays the product's image, title, price, the retailer selling the product with links to buy the product or view more details. Placing you mouse over the image displays a large image allowing you see the product in more detail.

    In addition there are 2 useful buttons displayed with each item on the list, one to add the product to a list of items you would like to compare so that you can review them before you proceed to the merchants website to buy. See more details in the compare section below. The other button is the buy button that takes you to the merchant website where you then proceed to checkout. The search box is always displayed at the top of the web page event when you scroll so that it is readily available to you at any time.

  2. Product Search

    mouse-over-product The auto-complete search box described above also serves as a detailed search box. Whe you enter relevant keywords in the search box and then press Enter, a detailed search would be done. This detailed search will refresh the web page and display all products found in order of relevance. Each product displayed displayed in the search result has:

    • A More Info button which displays detailed information about the product
    • A Buy button which takes you to the retailer's website where you can place your order
    • A Add to Compare button which allows you add the product to a list of products for you to compare before making a choice to buy
    • A Voucher & Deal Search button which allows you find deals and discounts from over 100,000 retailers that either applies to that product or to all products sold by the retailer. See the Voucher & Deal Search section below for how this works.
  3. Voucher & Deal Search

    Everyone likes a bargain, hence we provide you with a priceless tool to search for vouchers, deals and discounts that may available for the product of your choice or offered by the retailer selling the product. How does this work? It's very simple. After searching for the product by keyword, you will see the "Voucher & Deal Search" button as shown in the figure below A next to the product details. We would do a background search for deals, discounts, bargains, offers and sales on offer for that product or retailer. The results of that voucher search would be displayed in a pop-up window on the same page. This offers you the unique tool to not only search over 100,000 retailers for the product of your choice but also find a matching deal all on the same page on Vaboose, a win-win situation for you.

  4. Product Comparison

    search-toolsHow many times have you been a situation where you find the product you want to buy on different retailers website at different prices? You often have to go back and forth between these websites a number of times before making a choice. With our comparison tool you can search and compare as many products as you can. Alongside every product returned in our search results, you will find a compare button as shown in the figure (C). Clicking the compare button automatically adds the product to the list of products you want to compare.

    When you have one or more products in your list, you will find the compare button displayed in the menu bar at the to of the page. This button also shows the number of products in your list. Clicking the compare button would show all the products you have selected in a pop-up window for you to compare and easily view details of each product in the list all on the same page. You can remove a product from the list by clicking the remove button displayed next to the product in the pop-up window. We keep a history of the products you've selected, so if you decide to close the browser and come back at a later date, your list will be there waiting for you.

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